Clothing waste in a landfill from the film “The True Cost.”

According to Christina Dean, founder and CEO of Redress, an NGO working to reduce waste in the fashion industry, she estimates the waste produced in clothing and textiles to be in the millions and millions of toxic tonnes.

  • Second Hand Clothing – Support great local second-hand stores. Most every town has at least one! Use Goodwill for your own clothes and for your family. And for other products while you’re at it!
  • Natural Materials – If you buy new, be sure and purchase natural materials (cotton, wool, hemp). These will at least decompose. Look for organic as there are many chemicals added to even these natural materials during processing and they will enter your skin when wearing and the environment.
  • Buy local – As with food, when you can buy products locally made, especially from the source to the product, do it! We save on shipping fuel and encourage a local community to blossom. A sustainable¬†community becomes a healthy¬†community.

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