Reuse plastic food storage bags by washing them in the sink and set them to dry on a towel.

The effects of plastic bags on the environment are truly devastating. We use an estimated 1 trillion each year! Recycling and burning produces toxic gases, while the bags in our oceans are very dangerous, often deadly, for sea life. Food storage bags aren’t much better as these also do not decompose and add to the plastic in our oceans. It has recently been discovered that sea salt contains small particles of plastic, as do shrimp and salmon. How? There is an estimated 8 million tons of plastic entering the oceans every year.

Solution: Bring your own bags to the grocery store – to every store! Keep them in the trunk of your car. If you forget to bring them in with you then go to the car and get them. You’ll start remembering when you do this enough! You can also start washing your food storage bags with your nightly dishes and just reuse them. You can also purchase a variety of reusable food storage bags in all sizes!