By the time Christmas arrives, we’ve already consumed all of the resources the planet was able to produce for the year. In 2016 this happened on August 8. We’ve been exceeding her ability to keep up with us since 1970! Remember, Christmas isn’t about buying stuff. Love Mother Earth and discover new ways to celebrate this holiday!

  • Gifts – Rather than buying something new from the store, try some of these ideas to have a more sustainable holiday: Antiques and collectibles, services (such as a housecleaner for a day or a massage, etc.), an experience (such as theater), or a membership subscription (to an art museum or a digital magazine subscription), homemade gifts (such as soaps, a solitary bee hive, jams or cookies, seed packets from your garden), regift something you don’t use that is special to you, or give a social gift (a donation in their name, such as the WWF adopt an elephant/rhino/etc.). Wrap gifts in recycled paper or cut paper bags and hand decorate. Don’t buy printed labels.
  • Christmas Trees – A real tree is more eco-friendly than an artificial tree, mostly due to the manufacturing process and what the artificial trees are made of. Some older artificial trees even have lead in them!
  • Holiday Lights – Use LED lighting on your tree. Use a timer for lights, turn off when you’re not home or off to bed
  • Decorations – Avoid outdoor lights or minimize. Go solar! There are options out there. Use nature to decorate your house – gather pinecones, use pine boughs on your mantle, keep it simple with nature.

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