As a result of a warming climate it is quickly becoming more difficult to grow crops in many parts of the world, including California, one of the highest contributors to produce around the globe. We will each need to begin growing what we can to supply our own food. Growing your own food can be rewarding and exciting! Most states have a list of foods that grow in each season if you visit your local agriculture extension website. In North Carolina you can find that information here:

It is also good to note that produce starts losing nutritional value after about 3 days, so growing your own you’re sure to get the most nutritional value!

  • In Your Home Garden – There are many things we can all grow ourselves, even if we live in an apartment! Start first with the produce items you eat a lot of and grow those. Next, consider items that are heavy in water, such as tomatoes and melons. These use a great deal of fuel to transport.
  • Online Tips – There are lots of resources online for apartment dwellers. Here’s one from Urban Organic Gardener:
  • Community Gardens – If you’re fairly close to a community garden consider buying into it, or do so with a friend or neighbor. You’ll get a small patch of land where you can grow your own crops and make new friends doing the same thing.

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