farmers market
Farmer’s markets often sell local produce at better prices than the grocery store can.

As the climate changes it will become more and more important for each of us to rely on our local economy for the things we need. Start building habits now. Consider barter and trade as options!

  • Food – Transportation of meat and produce is a big contributor to greenhouse gases. Think about tomatoes, which are mostly water, so heavy to ship. If you don’t grow your own produce or raise your own poultry, beef or other animals, make every effort to buy local, and preferably at a farmer’s market where it will likely be freshest. Most produce begins to lose nutritional value after about three days!
  • Buy Organic – Food and clothing! Organic farmers are helping keep soils viable by not using toxic chemicals (healthier for us to eat and wear) and keeping CO2 in the soil. Support your local farmers by buying local, organic products.
  • Honey – It is widely believed that eating local, raw honey can lessen allergy symptoms.
  • Businesses – Support local businesses! This reduces the environmental impact from transportation as big box stores and other chains tend to develop on the fringes of a community. It also supports a healthy local economy and a distinctive character for the community where you live!

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