How to Save the World – It Will Take All of Us

Earth is running out of resources to support the nearly 7.5 billion people on the planet. Many people all over the world no longer have water, can no longer grow crops for food or have trees to cut down to put a roof over their head. The planet has the ability to grow new trees and new crops and clean the air and clean the water, but there are simply too many of us for her to keep up any longer. In fact, she stopped keeping up with all that we were taking from her back in 1970.

We MUST change our habits. And there is a lot we can do very easily right away. Visit Quick Start to get sustainable ideas to add to the list of things you're already doing. Going Sustainable is filled with ideas for how we can each, as individuals and as families, change our habits in how we live and use the planet's resources so we begin to live more in harmony with the planet.

Another way we can all be sustainable is to share with others the urgency of the situation and encourage them to become sustainable citizens of the planet. Please share this website. You may freely use content from this site in anything you are doing to support sustainability. Thank you!