The Four Corners Generating Plant in Farmington, New Mexico.

Nearly half of the energy used in the United States is from home and commercial buildings. Imagine what a difference it would make to decreasing global warming if all of these buildings were using renewable energy! You can do your part in this by employing some of the practices listed below. Its easy!

  • Green Energy Reseller – This is so important and makes such a difference! Sign up to use a reseller green energy provider for your residential (or business) energy usage. You can do this even if you live in an apartment, so long as you pay your own energy bill. When you participate, you’ll pay your energy bill to these green providers directly. They get the monthly usage (your bill) from your power company (i.e. Duke) and put your monthly usage of electricity as clean energy (wind or solar) directly into the grid, negating your dirty fuel needs. Then they bill you for your energy with a small surcharge for handling your bill for you. You can sign up for Arcadia, here:
  • Green Verifying Organization – There are several energy and offset companies. You can verify any green energy provider, such as Arcadia, or offset provider through this website:
  • Solar – Getting more affordable every day! If you can do solar AND an alternate green power source such as Arcadia you’re helping even more! You can locate certified solar installers at the NABCEP website:
  • Efficient Light Bulbs – Use LED and get rid of all of your incandescent bulbs.
  • Turn off stuff! – Turn the TV off if you’re not in the room. This is a HUGE energy suck. Turn off lights. Start watching your meter and track it during the day to see when your usage goes up.
  • Don’t Run the Clothes Dryer – A clothes dryer sucks energy like crazy! Hang up your clothes to dry. When you run it, get stuff out immediately. Don’t fluff dry clothes to get out wrinkles.
  • Get an Energy Audit – Have an audit on your home so you know where you’re wasting energy. It may save you money in the long run! One local source for this work is Home Performance NC.

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