soil degredationThe UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has calculated we have about 60 years of harvests left due to serious degradation of our soils. This has happened due to over tilling and the use of herbicides, like RoundUp and other crop desiccants, and also manmade fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals poison both the soil and the water and are also absorbed by the plants they are sprayed on. When we eat these plants we’re also eating any chemicals they’ve absorbed through their cell walls.

While harmful to people and soils, these chemicals are also decimating plant pollinators, critical in food production. The bee population has plummeted 90% since the 1990’s and several species have gone on the endangered species list in the past few years, including the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee of North America.

  • Buy Organic – Organic farmers are helping keep soils viable by not using toxic chemicals. We can all help by buying organic products when we shop. This keeps the organic farmers in business and sends a message to industrial growers who use chemical sprays that we don’t want these chemicals ruining the planet, or our bodies, any more.
  • Buy Non-GMO Products – GMO’s are genetically modified crops most often modified to resist RoundUp and it’s ilk so the weeds die when sprayed but not the crop. These crops absorb these herbicides and we then ingest them when we eat them. It is widely believed that these chemicals cause cancer and other diseases in people and pets.
  • Organic Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers – You can learn about using organic products for your garden at 
  • Soil and Carbon – Did you know that soil, when it is healthy, is also a natural sequester of CO2, one of the most prominent green house gases responsible for global warming!

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